John Arnold, Jr.

It was through my father that I learned the great honor of protecting and serving citizens.

John C. Arnold, Jr.

Who is John Arnold, Jr.

John Arnold is a 30-year law enforcement professional who in addition to serving as Captain of Detectives with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office until his retirement in 2010, was appointed in 2014 to serve as the #2 leader of over 1000+ police and civilian personnel as Newark’s Deputy Police Director by Mayor Ras J. Baraka.

John Arnold’s extensive law enforcement experience and long list of accomplishments mirrors that of his well known father, former Newark Lieutenant John Arnold, Sr.

Professional Experience

Corporate Assistant Director of Emergency Management

• Responsible for assisting with developing emergency management policies and procedures

• Coordinating implementation of emergency management plans and policies among affiliate organizations.

• Overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of the emergency preparedness program.

• Development of inter-agency agreements conducting training.

• Conducting public safety exercises and analyzing effective disaster management services.


Deputy Police Director, Newark Police Department –

▪ Police  Trial  Board  Chairman

▪ Commander  of  Legal Affairs/Advocate Unit

▪ Commander  of  Community/Clergy  Affairs

▪ Commander  of Situational  Awareness  &  Special  Activities  Unit

▪ Member  of  Selection  &  Advisory  Committee  for  Court  Ordered  Federal  Police  Monitor.

▪ Contributed  to  the  Planning/Restructuring  of  the  NPD  with  the  DOJ  for  decree  compliance.


Captain of Detectives, Essex County Prosecutors Office –

▪ Commander of the Homicide Division – Supervised the day to day functions of the Homicide

Unit, Crime Scene Unit, Homicide Cold Case Unit, Vehicular Crimes Unit, and Homicide Multi-

Jurisdictional Task Force including all homicide investigations, police related shootings, police

pursuit fatalities, and special investigations. Maintained an eighty five (85) percent arrest rate and

a sixty five (65) conviction rate.

▪ Commander of Gang and Narcotics (Viper) Unit – Managed and supervised Superiors Officers

and Detectives assigned to the Viper Unit and daily functions of the Gang Enforcement Unit, Gang

Intelligence Unit, and Narcotics Unit. Conducted middle to upper level investigations into criminal

enterprises of illegal narcotics, and criminal gang activity. Supervised the planning and execution

of search warrants and major scale arrest and seizure operations. Assisted in gang related

homicide investigations throughout the County of Essex with particular attention to Newark, East

Orange and Irvington, New Jersey. Oversaw monthly multi-jurisdictional operations which

included agents from the FBI, DEA, ATF, Essex County Sheriff, Essex County Corrections and

Probation Departments.

▪ Commander of Child Abuse Unit – Supervised the Superior officers and detectives of the Child

Abuse Unit. Supervised and conducted investigations into allegations of child abuse, sexual

assault of minors, and child endangerment.

▪ Commander  of  Adult  Trial  Section –  Supervised  the  Superior  Officers  and  Detectives  of  the Adult Trial Section of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. Oversaw subsequent investigations of  all  types  of  crimes  throughout  Essex  County.  Oversaw  trial  case  preparation, managed all investigative  personnel  assigned  to  the  Trial  Section  to include  Adult  Trial  Section,  Juvenile Section, Central Judicial Processing (CJP), Fleet Management, Forfeiture, and Witness Protection functions.

Lieutenant of Detectives, Essex County Prosecutors Office –

▪ Lieutenant  of  the  Homicide  Division –  Supervised  the  day  to  day  functions  of  the  Homicide

Unit. Supervised and conducted investigations pertaining to police related shootings, police

pursuit fatalities, and special investigations. Managed vacation schedules and time off of

Detectives assigned to the unit.

▪ Formed and commanded the Prosecutor’s Executive Protection Unit – Established and initiated all  Standard  Operating  Procedures  (SOP),  protocol,  and  training  for  the  Prosecutor’s Executive Protection Unit which provided protection for the Prosecutor, Dignitaries, and High Profile Witnesses.

County Detective, Essex County Prosecutors Office –

▪ Undercover Detective in Narcotics and Major Crimes Divisions – Worked as an

Undercover Narcotics Detective. Conducted middle to upper level investigations into criminal

narcotic enterprises throughout the County of  Essex. Participated in  buy bust operations, wiretaps, search warrant executions,  search and seizure, providing testimony in criminal court as an  expert.

Responsible for the successful prosecution of several large narcotics organizations.

▪ Homicide Detective – Worked as a Homicide Detective responsible for conducting investigations

into homicides throughout the County of Essex. Conducted investigations into police related

shootings, police pursuit fatalities, and special investigations.

▪ Supervisor  of  Essex-Union  Auto  Theft  Task  Force –  Supervised  Detectives  assigned  to  the

Multi-Jurisdictional Auto Theft Task Force. Responsible for investigating and apprehending

suspects of stolen automobiles and carjackings throughout Essex & Union Counties.

▪ Deputized Marshal of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Task Force (ATF) –

Responsible for conducting investigations into the illegal purchase or sale of firearms.

Investigations also included gun trafficking, firearm thefts, and fraud.

▪ Worked as a Detective in the Juvenile Investigations/Prosecutions Sections – Responsible

for preparing criminal cases involving juveniles for trial.

▪ Essex  County  Sheriff  Bureau  of  Narcotics –  On  special  assignment  to  statewide  criminal

investigations.  Participated  in  wiretaps,  arrests,  search  and  seizure  operations,  and  court



Police Officer

▪ Sworn Law Enforcement Officer – Enforced the laws of the State of New Jersey, made arrests,

performed routine vehicle patrol of State University grounds and surrounding jurisdictions, made traffic stops, issued summonses, processed prisoners, conducted plain clothes operations and was assigned to the Tactical Patrol Unit.

P E R S O N A L  A C H I E V E M E N T S


▪ Ordained Pastor by The Church Of God In Christ

▪ Pastor/Founder of The Temple Of Refuge Church, Newark, NJ

▪ Ordained Affiliate Pastor/Church of The Covenant Kingdom Ministries International

(CKMI), Bloomfield, NJ

▪ Superintendent of Northern District for The Covenant Kingdom Ministries International

(CKMI), Bloomfield, NJ

▪ Installed as Senior Pastor of Whosoever Will Church, CKMI, Plainfield, NJ


▪ 5th Dan (Degree) Black Belt in Martial Arts

▪ Founded the NJ Branch of The Enshin International Karate, Newark, NJ

▪ World Sabaki Full Contact Champion Runner Up – Denver, Colorado

▪ All Japan Sabaki Spirit Award Winner, Japan

▪ Chief Instructor of NJ Branch of Enshin International Karate, Union, NJ

▪ Started a Program That Exposes Urban Kids To International Karate Competition –

Tokyo, Japan / Frieburg, Germany

▪ Trainer of World Sabaki Full Contact Champion

▪ Trainer of 2 Time European Karate Champion In Children’s Division

• Trainer of 5 Time North East Regional Sabaki Champion

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